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At EduKids, we customize programs for every level of your child’s development.

We put your child first.  Everything we implement and every decision we make is based on what is the very best for young children.  Each program is specially designed to focus on developmentally appropriate practices for each developmental stage in your child's life.

Exceptional classrooms, creative activities, outstanding teachers, inviting playgrounds and extraordinary center teams are hallmarks of excellence at EduKids. We know how to customize each of these five critical components of program so that your child is solidly supported at every step of the way in their learning and growth.

Your child will experience learning through play and hands-on activities to enrich his or her understanding and reach milestones.  We value and encourage family involvement and are here to make your day and your child’s day a fantastic one!

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Caring for infants 6 weeks to 18 months

Baby Ducks

Your infant is provided with a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment with programs suited to his or her rapidly expanding imagination. We focus on the needs and interests of babies as our guides to arranging furniture, toys and materials. Our specialized staff works closely with you to identify your child's individual needs. We schedule sleep, naps, cleanings and feedings based on each infant and respectfully follow and integrate these schedules into our care program. Our staff will also continually adjust each infant’s program as they become physically stronger and more mobile.

Babies are amazing; their quickly developing skills will always be supported by placing high emphasis on building strong bodies, language stimulation, communication building and play activities! Interesting music, cause & effect toys, art creation and planned gross motor exercises will balance a day of comforting rest and beginning friendships.

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baby ducks
yellow duck

Caring for toddlers 18 months to 2+ years

Yellow Ducks

Explorers! Our Young Toddlers’ program responds to their developing need to “find out!” The young toddler environment is designed to respond to the growing need for discovery by providing materials and supplies that are safe, durable and exciting.

Our staff promotes language and cognitive skills through conversation, labeling, songs and stories. Motor skills are inclusive of leg strength and movement, hand and finger control and specific, as well as, intentional body movement. Self-help skills are promoted and supported in daily routines. Understanding and loving care providers round out the toddler program with consistent individual attention, comfort and warmth.

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purple dino

Caring for toddlers 2 to 3 years

Purple Dinos

The Older Toddlers’ Program focuses on the organization of space, materials and routines. Children are now developing cause and effect relationships, sequencing to make sense and increased communication in expressive and receptive language.

Experiences in the day will encompass pretend play, sensory exploration (listening center, science area, music…) and extensive story times. Indoor and outdoor activities will promote positive self-esteem, small and large muscle strength and coordination. Interesting play spaces and materials will encourage choice and cooperation.

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Caring for preschoolers 3 to 4 years

Blue Birds

Our Blue Birds are energetic and thriving students in a Pre-K 3 environment. Art, reading, dramatic play, blocks, manipulatives and sand/water centers in the classroom will allow a selection of activities that children can play and work through independently, with a partner or in groups. Structured teacher-led circle times will help children connect themes and ideas through stories, songs, visuals and special events. Hands-on experiences that support choice, creativity, friendships and thinking skills will circle the child’s day. Activities that highlight expressions of ideas and increased skills will present many opportunities for children to feel confident and comfortable in the beginning preschool classroom!

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blue bird
orange bear

Caring for preschoolers 4 to 5 years

Orange Bears

The EduKids Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Program provides your child with foundational skills as guided by New York State for a successful transition into kindergarten. All Preschool and Universal Pre School teachers are highly qualified and skilled professionals with extensive training in planning, developing and presenting exciting & interesting environments and lessons to learn for your preschool child.

Active, thoughtful, investigative experiences are part of the curriculum plan offered to build pre reading, writing & math skills, develop scientific inquiry, creative expression and support friendships.

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Caring for preschoolers 4 to 5 years

Universal Pre-K

EduKids is proud to be an educational partner with public school districts offering universal prekindergarten (UPK) programs.

UPK is a “difference” in scheduled class sessions and tuition support; inquire at the EduKids center you are interested in for more details. Curriculum, activities and preschool environment considerations are the same as the EduKids Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Program (Orange Bears).

UPK is offered at the following EduKids Centers:
Orchard Park, Hamburg, West Seneca, French Road, Clarence, Hertel Avenue, Crosspoint, Williamsville and Maryvale.

These centers offer UPK families private wrap around care.

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Caring for children 5 to 11 years

School Agers

Now offering School Age Connections, a Full Day Remote Learning Support Program!

Before and After School can be wasted hours or they can be designed to be just what your child needs! At EduKids, we understand how important formal school is for growing bodies and minds and we also understand that your child spends time at our centers on their way to school or after a busy day. With that in mind, EduKids provides opportunities for your child to be part of an important group of friends relaxing in quiet and calm activities or revitalized in exciting and active play. Engaging children in long term, as well as short-term goals further this group’s ability to productively start and extend their formal school day. Homework Clubs, Story Groups, Sport Spectaculars, Arts & Crafts, Music Groups and Play & Games are offered to children K – 4. Thoughtfully designed environments and our fantastic teachers round out a great school day for your child!

Open from 6:30AM to 6:00PM.

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classroom supplies
smiley sun

A Summer of Discovery! 5 to 12 years

Summer Camp

Children will personalize their learning throughout each week of Discovery Zone. To launch each theme, educators will pose strategic questions of inquiry, carving out a more narrowed, topic of exploration geared specifically to the children’s interests. A simple question to start this collaborative process could be “I wonder what I will learn?”.

As educators and children travel down this path of collaboration, intentional questions of inquiry will be offered each step of the way, including: “I wonder how I become an inventor?”,” I wonder how I can save the planet?”, “I wonder what the future will look like?”. Based on both the responses of the children, and observations made by educators, new materials will be provided, and activities will be developed to deepen the topic of exploration.

Educators will have a resource set of activities separated by theme to draw from based on the interests, skills, and guided direction of the children. Themes will run for two weeks each to allow for optimal time for inquiry, collaboration, reflection, and celebration of discovery.

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