Kate’s Corner
Jun 05 2018

  Why Graduation is a Big Deal

Congratulations EduKids’ Preschool Graduates!

In a few weeks our Preschool Families will receive an invitation to the first of many celebrations known as “graduation”!  You will be invited to watch your little one move with their class through the wonderful recognition of accomplishments they have achieved on their way to Kindergarten.

Below are lists of some of the many skills and abilities your child will bring with them to their September Kindergarten.  We are so proud of them…we will miss them very much, yet are thrilled to hold their hands with you as they take this step into a new land of adventure, learning and friendships.

They are ready!  Bring on Kindergarten!!


Your child has developing independence and self- help skills, she is really good at:

– managing her materials, space and belongings

– learning and practicing healthy hygiene habits and safety guides

– setting up and cleaning up group and individual space

 – organizing her thoughts and movements

 – following classroom routines, rules and structure

He has developed these important beginning Kindergarten skills:

– recognizing letters, numbers, symbols and signs

– early literacy skills of rhyme, connecting sound to letter symbol, begin printing & demonstrating print concepts like left to right, space separation in sentences, letter and sound groups, beginning spelling

– growing a rich and expressive vocabulary

– beginning reading and writing work; journal entries, author studies, collaborative and individual book / story writing, sequential story elements and creative text

– numeracy, simple addition, currency names and values, one-one correspondence, beginning time

– building with construction materials, props and  tools

– measuring, comparing, weights, values and counting

– scientific discoveries, magnets pulls, ecosystems, planting and nurturing seeds

– identifying personal / family information


Your child is great at building friendships with a positive approach to learning, you see your child:


– celebrating play with others

– sharing space, materials, time and attention

– appreciating individual talents, skills, joy and interests

– accepting differences in others

– growing confidence in asking questions and offering ideas

– taking initiative and keeping persistent in task and activity

– creatively expressing ideas

– taking part in partner and group activities – initiating learning, sport and play & joining others

– feeling successful and appreciated

It has been a wonderful year of learning, friendships and discovery.

Please join us in celebrating your beautiful child’s many talents at their EduKids Preschool graduation.

See you there!