Kate’s Corner
Feb 12 2016

  Who loves you, Baby?

A very big reason I love to talk with our EduKids families and spend time with the children and their families in classrooms, in the cubbies and hallways and at special events is this; I am allowed to be part of a love fest!

I would like to address each family member of every little one I know.

Children love you!  They absolutely do.  How do I know?

Babies hold their arms out to you so you will hold them.  They smile and coo and make raspberries when you say their name – they even kick their little feet and squeal! Infants snuggle in your arms and gaze into your eyes when you talk with them, dress them, kiss them at drop off and pick up or play in the classroom.  Toddling babies will find you and bring you their favorite rattle in their sticky, slobbery hand, then plop down next to you like you are a magician.  They show off bbbbb and mmmmm and ddddd just to hear you say “yay” and clap.  They hold onto your legs for dear life, follow you around like a shadow and pet your hair while they squeeze your cheeks.  They love the sound of your name.

Toddlers back up into your lap without even looking; they know you are there just for them.  They cry if they can’t sit next to you at the table and wrestle a sibling or friend away from you just to be the closest one.  They are your shadow now that they can walk.  You are their choice for play, potty and help with new toys.  They fight you when you insist on apples instead of candy and you have to wrestle them into snowsuits and boots.  I hear stories of bedtime that include toddlers (and older children) weeping or howling to sleep in your bed, stay up just a little longer or hear one more story.  This doesn’t last forever and while it is absolutely difficult now, you will miss it later.  I promise.  I know.

Preschoolers, at 3 and 4 years old, want to write mom before they want to write their own name.  When they are drawing a picture of themselves, there is another little figure on the page; guess who?  Their play mimics their world at home. Their language is your language. They think they are pretty cool when they know words to radio music and have dance moves that rival yours!  Now that they are “older”, they want to buckle their own seat belt, put boots on, play dress up, give a voice to their toys and see their drawings on the fridge.  Of course, this is to show off for you – their favorite play partner and snuggle bunny.

School agers love to see you in the bleachers, love the sound of your voice in the backyard and look for your car to pick them up.  They love everything about you and they know you love them.  Don’t let them kid you when they say differently or act like they don’t.  They do.

So who loves you?

The little one in your arms, on your lap, in your bed, on the court, singing in the back seat and handing you home -made hearts and “keep forever” poems.

Wow, you are lucky!!


Happy Valentine’s Day