Kate’s Corner
Jun 22 2015

  Welcome Summer!

Here’s a checklist to get Summer Started!

  • Complete summer schedule information with center director; give notice of any planned vacations or days off for children
  • Complete the sunscreen form
  • Be sure babies and tods have a summer hat and leave one in their cubby
  • Check to be sure sneakers are ready each day to wear to the Center for summer fun
  • Update any emergency contact numbers or authorized pick up
  • Switch children’s “extra clothes” in their cubby to include shorts, tee shirt, light sweater, sneakers & socks and underwear
  • Check on water days; have swimsuit, water shoes and towel ready to go!
  • Label a new water bottle for summer fun
  • Check if allergy information needs to be updated or EPI Pen replaced
  • Read News & Notes each week for current fun plans for the summer

Shout “Hurray it’s Summer!!”