Kate’s Corner
Oct 09 2015

  Today’s the Day!

It is my privilege and pleasure to be able to have daily conversations with families and educators of young children.  My work in the centers is to support and assist directors and teachers in our infant through school age classrooms.  And while I love the teachers, I also really enjoy talking with families.  And of course when talking with families, we wind up talking about children and all that there is to do with and for them!

Often when I am talking with families and teachers, I find myself using the phrase Today’s the Day!  I know that for myself this can motivate me to begin and feel good about that beginning!  This single phrase can be followed by so many things….

Today’s the day…

  • …to reorganize cupboards and toys on the play shelves in the classroom.
  • …to stand at an easel and paint with children.
  • …to read a storybook to every child in the class – not just one book to the whole class.
  • …to learn something new.
  • …to plan for cold and snowy weather.
  • …to find a new idea and way to use all of the beautiful yarn in the craft cubby.
  • …to sign up for the conference.
  • …to begin lessons on favorite animals and their homes.
  • …to schedule fall field trips.

And when talking with families, we find ourselves saying Today’s the Day too!

Today’s the day

  • …to schedule a flu shot appointment for everyone.
  • …to find out if everyone’s boots fit and mittens are in pairs.
  • …to donate clothes, coats and shoes that are too small.
  • …to get a good night’s sleep – no matter what is left to do!
  • …to read to children with no TV, computer, phone or ipad on in the background.
  • …to really start a bedtime routine that begins before 9:00.
  • …to make breakfast for dinner (eggs and toast) instead of stopping at McDonalds.
  • …to slow down at pick up and meet other kids and families.
  • …to take time to play after dinner.

None of these are ground breaking or ingenious for teachers or when talking with families.  But, when we say something out loud and it is shared with someone else, it seems to matter more.  We seem to mean it more.

So…. Please join me in a Today’s the Day message on our EduKids facebook page!
Starting Monday, October 26, 2015 we will have a daily Today’s the Day post that we hope will make you laugh, make you think, make you feel empowered, give you ideas,  share information about children and just make you feel like Today’s a Good Day!

We are excited about sharing with you, introducing you to many of our EduKids’ team, and adding another way to be a family partner – and hopefully you will feel welcome to add your idea and voice to the EduKids’ Today’s the Day post!

Welcome to Today’s the Day!