Kate’s Corner
Dec 28 2015

  The Art of Caring

This is the perfect time of the year to consider the art of caring and the art of teaching to care.

The word caring can be exchanged for; kind, thoughtful, helpful, considerate,
compassionate, loving & attentive.
These words have actions and behaviors that are associated with them.
They are considered good and desirable.

The Holidays are winding down.  The New Year is approaching and we are offered the perfect time of year to consider how we care for each other and ways that we can teach our children to care for themselves and others.

Be grateful and thankful for the many blessings you have.  Say the words out loud, teach your children to use the word thankful.  This is modeled and learned.  Overuse the words Thank You.  Thank your children for their help, their kindness and their thoughtfulness.  When children are thanked, they learn to be thankful as they look at the help, kindness and thoughtfulness of others.  Never underestimate how powerful the words thank you are.

Model acts of kindness.  Your children are watching you all of the time.  They listen to your words, watch your actions and learn from your manner.  They notice when you smile and help even when you are not asked or expected to.  They are interested in your conversations and exchanges with anyone you interact with; at school, at stores, in restaurants.  It matters if you hold a door open for someone, pick something up when needed or offer to help.  Simple acts of sending a card to a sick friend, offering a ride to someone or volunteering matter.  If you don’t, they never will.

Notice others.  When you are leaving after a family visit, talk about specific people you were with and the many ways that you noticed their kindness and caring.  Be specific in your conversation.  In a store or restaurant with your children, notice helpful and pleasant actions and exchanges.  Talk about these with your children.  Be specific.  Smile often and notice others smile back.  It is amazing how many things your children notice now.  Help them see smiles and kindness in others.  Know the names of all of your children’s friends and talk about special ways that each one is kind and caring.

Give more than you take.  While children are thrilled with their new toys and treasures, we all know that many of our kids already have a lot of toys and treasures.  Help them go through the toy-box in the basement, the closet downstairs, the bin in the playroom or the many toys, clothes and “extras” in their bedroom.  What a wonderful time of the year to donate gently used toys and clothing to little ones who did not have the same Christmas as your child did.    Make this a family project – it is a life lesson.

Consider the “little” actions and acts that children are able to do to show caring.   They are not little at all.

  • Make a phone call to a relative or friend to say thank you for a gift or visit.
  • Write and send thank you cards / draw pictures / send photos to say thank you for special gifts.
  • Make an Acts of Kindness Chart or jar with your children.  Pick an Act of Kindness each day and concentrate on this.  At the end of the day, talk about all the ways that you and your children were part of the special Act of Kindness.


Welcome 2016!  How quickly a year goes by – make it wonderful.
Happy New Year to you and your beautiful children!