Kate’s Corner
Aug 13 2014

  Summer Splash

Water play is not only fun, it is an excellent activity that supports development and learning.

Water play takes many forms:

·         Beaches and backyard pools are wonderful family fun on warm, sunny days!

·         Classic sprinklers

·         Spray bottles with soft sprays

·         Water “tables” outside; Tupper Ware containers, buckets, bowls and cups…

·         Puddles

·         Water balloons

·         Sprinkling cans

·         Car wash; fence wash, porch wash, toy wash…

·         Squirt the hose

·         Washing dishes in the kitchen sink, helping mop the floor…

Children and water are natural partners.   Children love to play in water!

·         Friendships are supported, there is a lot of laughing when you play with water

·         Water is a classic medium that calms and soothes children

·         Sink and float is a natural science lesson

·         Success is natural when children play with and in water – no competition or sense of frustration

·         Natural turn taking occurs

·         Natural development support for all ages; eye-hand, reach & run, increase concentration…

·         Water is a natural, healthy coolant

·         As children get older, playing in water includes sport and skill

Don’t forget:

Adult supervision is critical during all water play and water activities.  Never leave children of any age unattended in or near water.  Plan ahead for beach or pool play to avoid leaving area for any reason.

·         Bathing suits for water play are best

·         Sunscreen for any outdoor play and activity is a necessity

·         Water is slippery on tile, blacktop and cement – help children be cautious

·         Water fun doesn’t have to be fancy!  Keep a bucket of sponges, cups and containers, small sprinkling cans, plastic funnels and sifters… fill a small backyard pool for little ones and they will have a ball with everything in their bucket.

·         Make a water wash project for children; fill a container, bucket or little pool and add mild dish soap or a little bottle of Dollar Store Bubbles.  Gather plastic toys, baby dolls, trucks, blocks…anything children pick out and be Mrs. Wishy Washy.  Elizabeth Fuller’s series Mrs. Wishy Washy books are lots of fun to read with children!

Most importantly, don’t forget to get wet too and have fun!

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you must be in their lives today.”

Barbara Johnson