Kate’s Corner
Jul 09 2014

  Summer Potty

Summer Potty

Not all children walk at the same time

Not all children talk at the same time.

Each child has their own special way

Of growing and changing before us each day.

We praise our children in learning and in play

But using the potty gets our biggest “Hurray”!

Summertime is usually a great time to help your little potty learner!  Children are used to changing quickly into swimsuits, shorts, sundresses and loose pajamas.  These clothes are easy to manage for adults and children which in turn allows for more successful tries in the potty.

Now we are outside a lot, and families find summer much more casual and easy when planning outings, play time and fun.  Just add potty training to the mix and your summer is set!

Some simple tricks to help your little one learn to use the potty:

Watch for signs that your child is aware of her body needs:

– sitting and wiggling

– hiding when she fills her diaper

– becomes “regular” and predictable during the day

– uses language and / or body motions to tell you she is wet or soiled

When your little one is dry at the end of rest or in the morning – tell her that it is great and now it is time to go to the potty.

When he has an interest in the bathroom – make this room “user friendly” for him: potty chair, children’s toilet seat, stool in front of toilet or sink, eye level towels, paper…

Use siblings as models.

Character / superhero / princess or decorated underpants are very motivating – get some!

Read books about potty learning, have conversations (not lectures) about using the potty and respond positively to your child’s interest and requests to go to the bathroom.

All learning takes time – be respectful of your child’s timing and allow them to sit on the potty until they are ready to get off, rushing or fussing over a child learning to use the potty often backtracks progress.

Don’t mix messages; when a child is out of diapers, keep them out of diapers.  Pull-ups are diapers shaped like underpants.  When your child is ready, commit to cloth underwear. Be consistent.  Keep a few extra pair of underpants and play-wear with you for accidents. Not making a big deal (never ridiculing or scolding) out of an accident truly helps with pottying.

Smile! Sometimes you will feel like it will never happen, but it does!  It is a proud day when your little one uses the potty with consistent success!

Comic strip Marvin:     

Marvin (a toddler) and an older boy are sitting on a porch swing, the older boy tells Marvin he wishes he was still little when life was simpler with not cares in the world.

Marvin thinks in response: “Obviously Ralph’s forgotten about the living nightmare known as potty training!”