Kate’s Corner
Mar 11 2016

  Spring Thing

I love Spring for the following reason: It rhymes with thing and sing.

In fact, between Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2nd, and the changes in weather, spring holidays, beginning gardens, spring cleaning and the daylight savings time on March 13th, there are many things to sing about.   So for the month of March collect your kids, organize your family, get outside and enjoy everything spring!

  • Seuss was the master of rhyme, fantasy and silly words. Your children love rhyme, fantasy and silly words so this is the perfect match.  Play name games with children, rhyming their name to make up new words, give these new words meaning and illustration, tell a silly story, write a silly book and keep reading Dr. Seuss. Investigate www.seussville.com for games, activities, book titles and a newsletter – keep the fun going with Thing 1 & Thing 2!  The Cat in the Hat introduces children to new baby spring animals in Dr. Seuss Oh, the Things Spring Brings.


  • Play with shadows – show children their shadows. Are sunlight shadows the same as moon shadows?  Is your shadow the same size as you are and why does it follow you everywhere? We often miss the many wonders in our home that children are keenly aware of.  Children are shape, sorting, combining and investigating scientists and shadows are very exciting when you are little!  Do you know who Sid the Science Kid is?  Well go to pbskids.org/sid for some shadow fun for all.  Play games, find some shadow books and make a new friend.  Enjoy Moonbear’s Shadow by Frank Asch.


  • Grow a spring garden. It’s not too early to look through beautiful catalogues and seed envelopes in stores. There are so many seeds, ideas, containers and ways to engage children in the glorious process of seed to full plant.  Spend some time in a nursery or garden shop with your children, there is true magic there. Be sure to use planting and growing words for flowers, fruits, veggies, tools and machines that help gardens grow.    A garden is a plastic container of dirt and seed, an acre of tomatoes and everything in between.  No garden is too big or too small for children to help with.  A fun way to watch a seed grow: with your little one dampen a paper towel, put a lima bean seed on the towel, put in a Ziploc baggie and tape to a window that gets daytime sun.  Watch the roots grow down and the stem grow up- magic!  Read the children’s classic The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.


  • Spring clean with your children! Now is the perfect time of the year to clean out closets and cupboards to discover exciting toys and new things. Take inventory of sweatshirts, rain gear and sneakers for outdoor fun.  Rearrange rooms, create beautiful new wall art by framing your child’s paintings in bright colors, switch around throw pillows, decorate with colorful plates and bowls -this will add sparkle and delight to any room! There are many books to enjoy about spring gardens, farms, flowers and baby animals.  A favorite: Spring is Here by Taro Gomi   Let your children (who are old enough and under your watch) create Keep, Donate, Throw Away piles of toys, clothes and shoes to start over to organize and create new space.

Then sing, sing, sing about spring, spring, spring!                                                                                               This is the best way to celebrate this welcome season of warm sun, splashy rain and baby bunnies.


“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

― Margaret Atwood