Kate’s Corner
Aug 07 2015

  School Starts 2015: Another Reminder List

Well, it’s official: summer is over, not on the calendar, but it’s over none the less.   I saw kids throwing footballs in the street yesterday and you need a sweatshirt after dinner now. September is three weeks away.

Are you ready?

  1. Back to School shopping is either finished or scheduled. If your child wears a uniform to class or gym, be sure that it fits this year ~ children grow so quickly!  If your school has a uniform exchange, be sure that you are in it.  Do you have any for another family?  School dress codes are developed intentionally, be sure that you are aware of them.  Most schools list them on their website or contact the office for guidance.


  1. Back to school wardrobes can be mixed and matched, washed, ironed and hanging in the closet now.  Very young children, or children just starting to wear uniforms, should try on and wear school clothes and shoes before the first day to break them in.  Eliminate school clothes drama as early as you can.  Be ready.


  1. Sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, umbrellas, book bags and lunch boxes, socks, tights and underwear can be in special closet spaces and drawers so that children are confident in their locations. You would be surprised at what kids worry about.


  1. School supplies can be organized and labeled. Be sure that your child goes to school on the first day with the supplies they need.  It is very stressful for children to be at school in a new classroom, with a new teacher and next to a new friend and not have the supplies the teacher has asked for.  They count on you for this.


  1. If your child is new at lunch boxes or bags and thermoses ~ practice with them. A cafeteria setting can be intimidating to even the most precocious kindergartener!  Pack their lunchbox and eat in the yard.  Open and close the containers, screw the top on and off of a thermos and unzip Ziploc baggies.  Very often these are very tricky activities for little ones.


  1. You have all of the information needed for each of your children; bus times, numbers and schedules. If children are driven or they walk to school there is no question to these plans. After school care is solid.  Emergency plans are thoughtful and exact.  There is a school calendar and all school contact names and numbers posted in the kitchen – keep this current and where everyone can see it.  All school / sport / club related events and information is on this calendar.


  1. You have a calm, confident and excited attitude about the start of school!  Your children will reflect this.