Kate’s Corner
Dec 14 2015

  Oh the Weather Outside…

…is not frightening, but are your children inviting and delightful lately?

This unseasonable weather eliminates heavy snowsuit bundling, big boot wearing and lost mitten madness when it comes to kids at the holidays.  But it doesn’t eliminate the increase of family time crunches, shopping sprees and changes home routines and responsibilities.

To keep as much peace in your home as you can during this busy and beautiful season, try these tips:

  1. Keep children’s routines as consistent as possible. While adults consider invitations, gift giving and getting, who wears what and how to get to all of the family’s houses – children do not.  Keeping bedtime the same is particularly important.  Pack those jammies, a special blanket and a binky if there will be a late visit.
  1. Eat the food that you usually eat. While holiday treats are delicious, your children will have a much better season if they are not loaded with sugary and salty snacks.  Take a bag of your children’s food with you on visits and don’t be afraid to say thanks but no thanks to unfamiliar or highly seasoned offerings.   Be especially careful of choking hazards (nuts, small hard candies…) and always be aware of allergies.
  1. Expect kids to be kids. Your children are young, stores are busy and loud, temptation is everywhere.  We have all seen little ones totally melt down in the aisles of Target and Tops.  After waiting in line for an hour your child refuses to go near Santa or you discover a half -eaten candy cane in a sticky little hand.
  1. Be realistic and be honest. When your child sees bright, beautiful, loud and exciting commercials on television and they tell you that is exactly what they want for Christmas, tell them that you agree that that toy, baby, game… is really cool.  And that’s it, don’t say anymore.   If there will be games missed, more babysitters than usual or expectations on children’s time that are part of the season, just make it so.  Don’t feel guilty, it’s a few weeks then back to normal.  Children will remember fun and festivities.  They really will.
  1. Be nice to yourself. Children are excited because you are; they are delighted with colors and lights because you are.  They love to visit and travel because you do.  Or…. they are anxious and stressed because you are.  They are ornery and cranky because you are.   So be nice to yourself and enjoy the little, precious and wonderful things about the holidays – you know why?  Because your children are little, precious and wonderful.

And that is really all that matters.