Kate’s Corner
Jul 21 2015

  Have some Summer Splash Fun!

Water –even rain water – and children are natural partners!  So while we look out the window and grouse about the rain, your children will want to get out and get in it.  Let them!  One of my favorite pictures is of my children, when they were younger, playing on the beach during our summer vacation.  Typically you think sunshine and bathing suites, but this picture is of laughing kids in bare feet and rain slickers running in wet sand!

Enjoy these days of sunshine or rain, by inviting your child to play in water.  Water play is not only fun, it is an excellent activity for you child that supports development and learning.

Water play takes many forms:

While pools, beaches and water parks are what we think of first, there are many other ways to have water fun!  But whether your child is splashing in a pool or puddle, safety is the absolute first priority.

So what water play can we offer our little ones?

  • Classic sprinklers and a hose
  • Spray bottles with soft sprays
  • “Water tables” outside; Tupper Ware containers, buckets, bowls and cups…
  • Puddles
  • Water balloons
  • Sprinkling cans
  • Car wash; fence wash, slide wash, toy wash…

If you have a tub of water, what can kids play with?

             Plastic cups and bowls, measuring cups, pretend play kitchen props…

             Strainers and sifters

             Spoons

             Bubbles

             Funnels

             Tin foil balls, popsicle sticks, ice cubes, sponges, washcloths…

             All toys, even soft babies who will dry in the sun (Do not put a toy with batteries in water.)

             Doll clothes

Why water play is great for children of all ages:

             Friendships are supported, there is a lot of laughing when you play with water

             Water is a classic medium that calms and sooths children

             Sink and float is a natural science lesson

             Natural turn taking occurs if more than one child is playing in the water

             Natural development support for all ages; eye-hand, reach & run, increase concentration…

             Water is a natural, healthy coolant

             Children love to play in water

Don’t forget:

             Bathing suits for water play are best

             Sunscreen for any outdoor play and activity

             Water is slippery on blacktop and cement

Most importantly, don’t forget to get wet too and have fun!