Kate’s Corner
Dec 28 2020

  Happy New Year 2021

A favorite joke:  Q.   How do you make a baby snake cry?

A. Take away his rattle.

Another:              Q.    What did one ear say to the other?

A. Between you and me, we need a haircut.

Can’t resist:        Q.    Why are skeletons afraid of dogs?

A. Because dogs eat bones.

Clearly, I have had some pretty funny kids share their jokes with me!  How lucky is that?! I have also fake laughed, rolled my eyes, listened while I was doing something else and shuffled the joke tellers to other parts of the room to do something “useful”.   I will forever regret all of those things.

Children tell us jokes because in their new and purely genuine connections to us ~ they finally get it.  They understand word play, humor in its primal form, quick responses, tricking us and always watching for the response.  I learned this difference quickly and then the laughing was not fake.  I stopped rolling my eyes and started looking and listening.  I was delighted by the joke teller.  I was honored to be part of it. There was joy and connecting.  This made the difference.

In 2021, make up jokes.  Listen to children’s jokes.  Tell jokes to your kids.  Look online for jokes. Find joke books.  Grab a joke or two (carefully😉) from your past when you were a kid:

Joey.  Knock, Knock.

Jane.  Who’s there?

Joey.   Banana

Jane.   Banana who?

Joey.   Banana Banana      Knock Knock

Jane.   Who’s there?

Joey.    Orange

Jane.    Orange who?

Joey.    Orange ya glad I didn’t say Banana?

Whishing you and yours a New Year of joy and peace.  A year of laughter and love ~ and a joke or two.

I’ll go….

  1. What did one hat say to the other?
  2. You stay here, I’ll go on ahead.

Get it? 😊

Happy New Year!