Kate’s Corner
Jul 30 2015

  Get Ready for School List

I’m a list maker.  I like lists.  You can check off on a list, cross off on a list, highlight on a list, add to lists or just look at them and make mental notes.  There is always a list on our refrigerator and always a list on my desk for something.  Lists require us to consider what is finished and what needs to be done.  They are reminders to us.  They are visible, so they are real.

List author Phil Keoghan reminds us that  as odd as it may seem, there is power in putting your tasks or goals on paper. You can see it. You’re committed. That little voice in your head will begin to nudge you to complete the tasks you are focused on. 

So let’s focus on a list to help kids – and you – get ready for school!

  • Know exactly the day and time that your child is to report to school on their first day.
  • Practice timing for school – bath & bed, wake up & dress.
  • For young children, practice opening and closing lunch bags, food containers and thermoses or drink packs, new backpacks, shoes and sneakers, jackets. Keep clothes & supplies very easy.
  • Know the exact room your child will go to and the name of their teacher. Any friends going.
  • Know and post all school contact names, numbers, emails and the address of the building.
  • Make sure all of your child’s required paperwork, permissions and bus information is in.
  • Know what will happen if… she is sick in the morning and can’t go or gets sick at school, the bus is late or missed, there is a scheduled day off or a weather closing, he is being picked up early, homework isn’t completed, lunch, money or backpack is left home, after school arrangements fall through… make sure your child knows these plans too. Kids get anxious about all of this!
  • If your child rides the bus and there is an opportunity for a new kindergartener to ride the school bus ahead of their first day, make sure they do this. If there is not, drive the route with your child and talk about all they will see.  Park in the school lot, walk your child to the building, look in the windows, show her where she will go in and come out.  Play in the playground.
  • If offered, go to the school open house no matter what grade your child is in.
  • Get school supplies ahead of time and label Many schools have their class supply lists on line; there are a lot of sales going on right now.  Every child wants to have what they need in the beginning of the year – this matters a lot.
  • Buy new shoes and sneakers and boots that fit your children and they like.
  • Be prepared for drama. Very often little ones who can’t wait to go to kindergarten will cry getting on the bus; set up an older partner if you can.  If your older child wears a uniform they won’t want to; know school policy and stick with it – children never want to be singled out or in trouble in class.
  • Be prepared for drama. Very often families who are excited and proud that their little one is going off to kindergarten will cry when he gets on the bus; just take a picture but don’t follow it.  If your child wears a uniform, know school policy and stick with it – summer fun blue hair and fake tattoos will be singled out and she will be in trouble in class.   

Smile and be proud – childhood and school days are the marvelous seeds of a wonderful life.