Kate’s Corner
Sep 25 2020

  Family Resources

I moved plants away from my windows over the weekend.  Even though there is sunshine and warm spots in the house, the nights are cold.  It’s cold near the windows.  My plants need the energy of the sun, but not cold.

We have an outdoor cat who lives like a king.  He lounges on the porch in those spots that keep warm long after the sun sets.  The wood porch floor and the concrete in the driveway keep the heat and this is where you will find him.  Smart.

How are you doing in this time of contrasts and often extremes?  Do you need direction and help moving yourself away from the cold – the challenges – and into the warm spots that provide energy and calm?  Can you find your own space that keeps the heat where you solidly plant yourself with confidence?  Either way works because we find ourselves in both spots all the time.

Here are some resources that families have found helpful as we move into Fall:

https://parentnetworkwny.org/  Parenting Network of WNY; Providing family resources, newsletter, and information.

https://wnychildren.org/  Child Care Resource Network; Extensive information, activities, family supports and links.

https://www.eriemha.org/programs-child-family-support.php Mental Health Association of Erie County; Extensive child and family support.  Veteran support and links.

https://www.ochbuffalo.org/family-resource-center Oishei Children’s Hospital.  Health & Wellness.

https://www.epicforchildren.org/ Every Person Influences Children; raising responsible children.


Important Hotlines

WNY Crisis Services, 24-Hour – 716-834-3131

WNY Poison Control Center – 1-800-222-1222

Kids Crisis Helpline – 716-834-1144

Welcome to Fall 2020!

Find the warm spot in your world that gives you energy and calm, and always know what keeps the heat in your life.