Kate’s Corner
Nov 27 2020

  Closing the Year of 2020

Well, we are closing the year of 2020.  And, quite frankly, I am not sure what I think about this.

It is easy to join in all of the jokes about this year like no other.  It is easy to reflect and consider the incredible differences that this year has demanded of all of us on a personal and professional level.  And it is easy to do the whole then and now thing in reference to last March and this December – but all of this seems to be taking the easy way out of a very challenging year.

Wherever you are in your holidays; yes, celebrations are still part of this winter season.  I think…   please be sure to hold on to all that has been the year 2020.

Your children have grown, adjusted, celebrated, worried, accomplished amazing things, built love and friendships, managed seasons, and many changes.  Small babies and little toddlers are walking and talking because that is what growth looks like.  Preschoolers and school agers have joined formal learning because that is what growth looks like.   Older children are in formal schools with projects and homework and responsibilities because that is what growth looks like too.  Our kids have grown this year of 2020 right before our eyes.  They are amazing.  And they are teaching us incredible lessons about adjustment, cooperation, and acceptance.  We need to be their students.

This year will go down in history.  2020 has been dangerous and worrisome, forcing many of us to examine our priorities and make adjustments both big and small to our lives and livelihoods.  2020 has been a year of undeniable change to our systems of governance, business, casual gatherings, and formal entertainment.  2020 has been a lesson in grit, perseverance, making things work as best as we can while knowing we are part of forward changes that will never see a full reversal.

But I think that 2020 has mostly been about holding loved ones even closer than before.  This year has been about homes, family and friends.  We have been forced to slow down and listen.  Sleep more and eat what we cook, play board games and backyard catch.  Cry when we are overwhelmed and then realize that we have strengths that 2020 has forced to the surface.

So while I am very glad to see 2020 ushered out the door at the end of this month, I will also laugh at the jokes, recognize changes and reflect on everything that is pulling me to move forward and find a calm and strength that I didn’t know I had.

Let’s do this together.  Happy celebrations to you and yours as we close out 2020.