Kate’s Corner
Jan 16 2015

  Brrrr! It’s Cold Out There!

It’s hard to get outside when the weather’s as cold and snowy as it’s been here in WNY lately. But there are plenty of fantastic outdoor activities that can be great fun for the whole family. Here are some of my favorites:

1.  Shovel
2.  Run, and play chase
3.  Ski
4.  Skate
5.  Sled
6.  Snowboard
7.  Make snow tracks and designs
8.  Make snow angels
9.  Roll down snow hills
10.  Make forts of snow
11.  Have a snowball fight
12.  Catch snowflakes on your tongue
13.  Measure snow on top of the bushes
14.  Feed winter birds
15.  Look for animal tracks
16.  Take your pet for a walk (not too long)
17.  Watch your breath
18.  Drink hot chocolate in your snowsuit
19.  Play king of the snow mountain
20.  Go to an outdoor hockey game
21.  Put food coloring and water in a spray bottle and paint the snow
22.  Count snow birds in the sky
23.  Build a snowman
24.  Play with a friend
25.  Build a snow hill
26.  Sing winter songs with neighbors
27.  Build a fire to sit at to warm up
28.  Take a car ride
29.  Use a magnifying glass and look at snowflakes
30.  Go for a nature walk
31.  Find winter birds’ nests
32.  Listen to the sounds of falling snow
33.  Take pictures of your house in the snow
34.  Play at a playground
35.  Watch fishermen fish on ice
36.  Have a winter picnic at your favorite park
37.  Make a list of plants and trees that grow in the winter
38.  Melt a bucket of snow
39.  Make a snow castle with sand pails and shovels
40.  Hang up an outside thermometer and check the temperature

“In winter I like to look at the snow on the trees. It looks like they have their coats on.”

Kate Beale