Kate’s Corner
May 06 2016

  3 Simple and Fun Spring Activities for Kids

The calendar tells us that spring is here. The weather outside sometimes tells us differently. I’m going with the calendar! Here are three simple and fun springtime activities to do with your children:

Image from Gardenersedge.com

  1. Gardens: Dig out or buy some rubber boots for the whole family so you can step into dirt, stones and mulch.  Talk about last year and recall the rows and patterns of color in your garden.  Make a list of favorite colors and see if you can find seeds / flowers that match.  Show your children catalogues of seeds, vegetables and flowers.  Pick out the plants that you will grow when the weather is warm and sunny.  Cut out the pictures and make a Spring Collage to keep in the house before the real garden happens.  Seeds need sheltered, rich soil, water, sunshine and you – design a growing chart.  All children love books about the beautiful space of a garden. Some favorites: Isabella’s Garden, Glenda Millard, Planting a Rainbow, Lois Ehlert.
  2. New Baby Animals: Listen and watch for little baby animals born in the spring.  Spring is literally a season of new birth.  Trees stretch their branches toward the sun showing off their springtime buds and robin’s nests and bunny burrows have little eggs and little ears growing each day!  This is the perfect time to teach children about their true responsibility to nurture and protect the earth as it begins again each year.  Take a trip to the zoo, fill a bird feeder at a window, and read stories all about baby animals. Some favoritesI Love Baby Animals, David Chuka, Animals in Spring, Martha Rustad.
  3. Changes in Weather: Snow clouds often become rainy, storm clouds in the spring, thunder and lightning can be very exciting!  When rain falls many things happen; gushy mud puddles appear, grass springs to life, clothes change to match warm, wet weather and families start thinking about picnics and outdoor parties. Warm spring wind invites sweatshirts and kites. Clear, bright days inspire us to fill buckets with sudsy water, clean out the garage and break out the sidewalk chalk. Read about the weather! Some favorites: Little Critter: Just a Big Storm, Mercer Mayer, Down Comes the Rain, Franklyn Branley

Kate Dust
Vice President of Education & Staff Development