Kate’s Corner
Jan 05 2016

  Keep Kleenex in the Car

New Year’s Resolutions are part of life.  They just are.  And because we have grown up thinking that New Year is the time to make a change and resolve to make that change a reality – we make New Year’s resolutions.  We just do.

Well, we all know that some NYRs are pretty tricky and often completely unrealistic.  And while they are always interesting; get up at 5 a.m. every day and go to the gym to exercise for an hour, or only buy organic everything, or spend every Tuesday night writing in my journal…these resolutions only make us feel bad when we realize that we don’t even belong to a gym, there are goodies in the cupboard that are definitely not organic and your journal has disappeared.

So this year, I would like to share my resolutions that are not only realistic, but have a very real chance for success.

  • Keep Kleenex in the car. I am always looking for Kleenex and can’t dig in my purse while driving.  My grandchildren are often with me and that alone presents the Kleenex need and challenge.
  • Throw away all earrings that don’t have a match. Do it now – the other one will not magically reappear.   While doing this throw away all makeup that is old, cracked or that you loved when you bought it but don’t now or never did wear it at all.  It takes up space and has germs.
  • Let all know this – if it is not on the calendar in the kitchen, it doesn’t exist.
  • Eat something that grows in the ground every day. The fresher the better.
  • Organize by color; clothes, shoes, towels, scarves. Things are easier to find and look better.

While these are practical and simple, there are also much more meaningful, yet more difficult, resolutions that are absolutely worth our attention and energy.

  • Make time for the people you love. Real time with no distractions.  Give each person your entire attention.  Sit close, really listen, hold hands and hug a lot.
  • Smile and stay calm when it is easier not to.
  • Notice all of the good in others because there is a lot.
  • Be alert and knowledgeable. Make decisions that are thoughtful and consistent to who you are as a person, a parent, a friend.  Be reliable.
  • Consider the greater good.

I love to bake cakes – not real cakes but cake from a mix in a box.  My husband calls me a cake hoarder.  So last year I resolved not to buy 10 cake mixes each time they are 10 for 10 at Tops.  And I am proud to say that there are only 6 boxes of cake mix in my cupboard as I write this.  Success.

I also resolved to be considerate of all opinions and ideas even if they are different than mine.  I have learned so much more than I would have if I closed off anyone who is not like me.  I continue to grow and change and that is an even more important and meaningful success.

Be good to yourself in 2016.
Buy a new lipstick.  Reflect on all that is right in your world.
Both will help you feel energized and successful in this marvelous new beginning.