Kate’s Corner
Nov 24 2015

  Being Thankful

You pick up your preschooler’s jacket off the floor and no one notices.

You clean the dishes off the table after your children eat lunch, while they run to play.

You wash clothes when you should be sleeping. You stop to get diapers and milk at 6 in the morning. You make sure that everyone’s seat belt is buckled; there is gas in the car and snow off the windows. Clothes fit, fees are paid, friends are welcome, coupons are clipped and you smile a lot.

The phone is a constant, meetings are a must, your friends are life savers and you haven’t had your nails or hair done in forever.

You model the words “thank you” to your children who repeat them because they have to, not because they mean it.

But that’s not true.

Children know all of these things that you do – have you seen them looking at you in awe and wonder; you are magic to them.

Your presence is their safety net, the way you smell and the touch of your skin is their home, sitting on their bed at night to pat their back and sing a song is permission to melt into needed sleep. They brag about your brownies, look for you in the bleachers and teach you their dance moves.

Your children watch you watch them. They listen and practice the sound of your voice. They look when someone says your name. They invite you into their play and actually want you to come to their school.

Your children have a lot of choices and they choose you. There is a place saved on the couch, a game piece that is yours, shoes to try on and scarves to wrap up in. They know what candy you like and what your favorite ice cream is.

At Thanksgiving don’t be fooled. They may act up, not eat what is cooked, burp at the table or refuse to wear the blue button down. This doesn’t mean your children are not thankful.

Your little ones are thankful all of the time. They are thankful for many things ~ mostly for you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.