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Oct 19 2017

  Read for the Record!

   Join us and the millions of other children who will be participating in Jumpstart's global Read for the Record day!

For the last 12 years, Jumpstart has gathered children and adults around the world to read the very same book on the very same day! What may seem like such a small act has actually had significant impact.  Read for the Record draws attention to early childhood education, encourages adults to spend more time reading to/with children, creates a dialogue among policymakers and organizations about the state of early childhood education and literacy in their communities, not to mention putting books in the hands of children all across the country.

EduKids is proud to take part in Read for the Record! Children at all of our centers will be engaging in themed activities based on the book chosen for the year. We will also be having guest readers come in to the classrooms to read to the kids!

This year’ book, “Quackers” by Liz Wong is the captivating story of a kitten who grows up believing he is a duck. Through this story young children learn a lesson in understanding, and acceptance.