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Nov 11 2015

  Jennifer Hansen Rolli Visits EduKids & Special Discount on Just One More

   WNY Children's Book Expo Author Reads to Kids


Jennifer Hansen Rolli is the author of Just One More.  It’s a beautifully illustrated book about Ruby.  Sometimes Ruby needs just one more minute of sleep, one more thingy for her hair, one more push on the swing, and one more scoop on her cone, (and one more,  and one more, and one more . . .) until one more is just too much.  Maybe it’s time for just one?  If you know a someone like Ruby, Just One More will be just right!

Ms. Rolli is in WNY for the WNY Children’s Book Expo on Saturday, November 14th, and she’s graciously agreed to visit our EduKids centers beginning on Wednesday, November 11th.

Wednesday, November 11th

French/Kelly Drive
West Seneca
Orchard Park

Thursday, November 12th

Niagara Falls Boulevard

Friday, November 13th

Rich’s Family Center

As part of that visit, parents have the opportunity to purchase a copy of Ms. Rolli’s book that she will autograph at the center visits.  EduKids parents get a discount on the book.  It’s priced at $14 and book order forms can be found at your centers.  THE DEADLINE IS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND.