EduKids Teacher Makes Special Trip to NYSAEYC Conference
Apr 08 2016

  EduKids Teacher Makes Special Trip to NYSAEYC Conference

By: Carly Hatten, EduKids correspondent

Our very own Jen McLean, Orange Bear Lead Teacher at Williamsville, was specially selected to attend the NYS Association for the Education of Young Children (NYSAEYC) conference held April 7-9, 2016 in Rye Brook, NY for winning a mini-grant through the association!  This grant has helped fund her idea of enhancing children’s senses through what she created and calls a sensory station.  I interviewed Jen about this extraordinary accomplishment and what it means to her.

Carly: Tell us why you wanted to apply for this grant.

Jen“I love doing sensory activities and so do the kids. I wanted to create a community area that would able us to provide planned & spontaneous activities!”


C:  Tell us what this award is allowing you to do.

J:  The grant was for $175.00. It has allowed me to purchase a lot of awesome sensory bin fillers such as kinetic sand, water beads, rice, and cotton balls. Along with many activity extenders like funnels, finger puppets, & grippers.”


C:  What is the Sensory Station? And tell us how it helps children.

J:  “It is a community area filled with wonderful materials to create and extend sensory experiences. Sensory activities allow children the opportunity to problem solve, use their imagination, increase self-control, and use all five senses in their play.”


C: How did you come up with this idea?

J:  “Working with 4-year olds who learn through movement and hands-on experiences provided the idea.  It’s effective for them to have both planned and spontaneous activities.”


C:  How has this influenced you professionally & in the classroom?

J:  “The grant came with an invitation to the NYSAEYC conference in April to present my idea to other grant winners and educators.”


NYSAEYC MiniGrantWinners

Pictured: Jen McLean (left) and Amy  Schmader (right), EduKids Williamsville Center Director at the NYSAEYC Conference April 8, 2016.



Pictured: Jen LcLean (left), Nancy Ware (center), EduKids’ President, Amy Schmader (right), Center Director at the NYSAEYC Conference April 8, 2016.